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Partial Listing of Ridge Top's Numerous Awards

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"Ridge Top Preston"

Bull Calf Champion
Royal Agricultural Winter Fair
Toronto Canada

"Ridge Top Preston" as a Calf

"Ridge Top Preston"

Grand Champion Bull
Mid Atlantic Show, Maryland
Presently owned by Thistle Glen Farm, New Burg PA.

"Ridge Top Starlight"

NEHCA Grand/Supreme Champion

bullet.gif (145 bytes)"Ridge Top Starlight"

     AHCA National Grand Champion Female
bullet.gif (145 bytes)"Ridge Top Cobb"
     Grand Champion Bull
     Mid Atlantic Highland Show, Harrisburg, PA
       Presently owned by Edelweiss Farms, Milford, NJ

"Ridge Top Black Magic"

Supreme Champion of Show
Mid Atlantic Highland Show, Maryland
Presently owned by Gilchrist Farms, Bloomfield, NY

bullet.gif (145 bytes)"Ridge Top Varden"

      NEHCA Grand Champion Bull
bullet.gif (145 bytes)"Dubh Caileag of Ridge Top"

      Grand Champion Female
bullet.gif (145 bytes)"Ridge Top Banarach"/"Ridge Top McDuff"
      Grand Champion Cow/Calf
bullet.gif (145 bytes)"Ridge Top Caroline"
      Grand Champion Female, Junior Division

"Ridge Top Bart"

Grand Champion Bull
Midwest Highland Show, Louisville, KY
Presently owned by Vantage Point Farms, East Greenville, PA

"Ridge Top Varden"

AHCA National Grand Champion Bull

"Ridge Top Tomba's Boy "

NEHCA Grand Champion Bull


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"Ridge Top Preston" mature

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"Ridge Top Starlight"


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"Ridge Top Black Magic"


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"Ridge Top Varden"

cowwinsshowyellow.JPG (8205 bytes)
"Ridge Top Bart"

Tomba's Boy
"Ridge Top Tomba's Boy"

In the past 10 years, in addition to the above, Ridge Top has been awarded over 50 Reserved Champions and Division Champions in Various Shows, and has won the Premier Breeder Award of the Northeast Highland Cattle Association in '93, '96, '97 and '98

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